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Design and Outreach Committee

We are seeking collegiate through professional members to serve a one year term to help us better serve our community. If you have skills in marketing, design, social media, or are a college student with opinions on how to best serve and reach your community, please connect with us at info@newworksproject.org.

Fundraising Committee

If you enjoy event planning, grant writing, and making new music accessible for all, consider joining us! We are seeking members from throughout the U.S. with an interest in programming special events of New Works Project commissions, collaborating with organizations and musicians for fundraising projects to support our composers, and help the New Works Project thrive. Join the committee by emailing us at info@newworksproject.org.

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Your $20 registration fee provides an upfront stipend to the composer.


Play more, save more!

Programs must be provided to receive the discount.

Programs Received       Final Payment

0 programs                                    $150

1 program                                      $90

2 programs                                    $80

3 programs                                    $70

4 programs                                    $60

5 programs                                    $50

6 programs                                    $40

7 programs                                    $30

8 programs                                    $20

9 programs                                    $10

10 programs                                  $0


Note: This pay schedule applies only to commissions signups from 2019 or later. Weinberg and Seo retain the cost of $100 for 0 performances.


Fill out the registration form found under your instrument's page and pay the registration fee. You will receive a confirmation email once signups have closed. 


Upon receiving the commission you will have 3 months to learn the work before the performance period begins. Program dates will always be available on this page.


Participants have one year of exclusivity to perform the work. Programs must be sent within two weeks of the performance to receive the discount.


At the end of the performance year if you have not performed the piece you owe $150. Your first performance removes $60 from this payment. Each subsequent performance removes $10.

NWfPP will invoice all participants based on the programs we have received, so be sure to send your programs in on time!