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completed works

percussion solo




annika socolofsky

Glockenspiel, voice, 3 tuned jars, tuned metal pipe, lentils, box, optional kick pedal


"This piece is inspired by the sonic space of the physiological phenomenon ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response, which relishes the nuance of delicate, everyday sounds. Similarly, this piece often hovers on the edge of audibility, embracing the border between gesture and music. It is a playground of timbre, inflection, and silence."

- Annika Socolofsky

hope(MOLK)finalrev (1) (1)_pages-to-jpg-


dave molk



"I chose the title to reflect specifically the feelings of a soon-to-be parent for the continued health and well-being of the baby and more generally that we as a society can overcome the shit show of our current administration and get to a better place where all of us can thrive."

- Dave Molk

percussion duo

Ember Weinberg_page-0001.jpg


alyssa weinberg

2 drum set snares, 2 almglocken, 4 crotales, 2 glockenspiel bars, 12 quarters, metal mixing bowl, singing bowl


"Ember is equal parts meditative and frenetic. Utilizing the subtleties of pitched metals and the sympathetic vibrations of snare wires and buzzing coins, Weinberg creates new and interesting extended techniques for a prepared snare drum duo."

- James Doyle, Commissioner


Flowerpot Music no. 1 - Elliot Cole_page

Flowerpot Music no. 1 

Elliot Cole

8 flowerpots of any pitch


"intimate interplay, dreamlike bells"

- Elliot Cole

"Flowerpot Music No. 1 challenges the percussion duo to create flowing lyrical synchronicity. The piece is a refreshing new approach to creating music on an instrument well known to the contemporary percussionist."

- Storm Benjamin, Commissioner

Ore 2018.01.06 - Complete (1)_page-0001.


wally gunn

2 cymbals, 2 pipes, 2 woodblocks, 2 scrap tin bongos, kick drum, 2 pedals


"Incorporating original poetry from Maria Zajkowski, the performers begin interacting in a conversational matter. The text, at first, sounds odd and cobbled together - because it is. Every word acts as a portmanteau of very different concepts. The performers then slowly begin to move their rhythms and words together, until they are in unison - an understanding. For the viewer, the words that at first seem foreign will hopefully, by the end, feel familiar and understood."

- Kevin Keith, Commissioner


AVAILABLE may 2021


ivan trevino

Acoustic guitar


"The idea of multi-instrumentalism is often a foreign concept in the world of academic music. Classical musicians are trained via a hyper-focused path on one singular instrument. Meanwhile in other genres, hopping from one instrument to the next is often a normal part of being a musician. Prince, Dave Grohl, and others have recorded entire albums on their own, playing every single instrument and singing every single melodic line. I love this. I hope I've created a work that challenges performers and listeners to embrace multi-instrumentalism, and for performers, to explore an instrument they may not have otherwise."

- Ivan Trevino



juri seo

10 spoons


"Sometimes frenzied, sometimes tranquil."

- Juri Seo

"This pieces is exciting, explosive, and meditative. I love how it uses everyday objects to create unique sounds!"

- Kathie Hsieh, Commissioner


Uniformity - Score - Aug 14 2019 (1)_pag



Glockenspiel or desk bells, 2 triangles or other ringing metal, 2 ankle bells, 2 shakers, 2 tambourines


"Exploring a desire for uniformity through a pitch to non-pitch process, seeking to realize its complexities, opportunities, and impossibilities. The material asks if uniformity is a gradual movement or one of ups and downs, highs and lows, and perhaps transformable to subjective perspectives. The motive to explore such comes from personal experiences and explorations into the social model of disability, which states that disability is caused by the way society is organized rather than by a person's impairment or difference, and in my opinion illustrates how human uniformity is perhaps an impossible and flawed undertaking."

- Molly Joyce




endpoint, feral

bethany younge

Any two same clarinets, bass clarinet preferred


"The performers will be required to sing, speak, and deconstruct."

- Bethany Younge

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