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The New Works Project is a 501(c)(3) organization that enables musicians to participate in the commissioning of new music at an accessible price. Our programs serve those who are interested in contemporary music but are limited in their capacity to engage in the community, either because of access to funds to initiate the commissioning process or access to large or specialty instruments. The works we commission are intentionally portable and flexible. Thus, while they are of a degree of artistic excellence suitable for a formal recital setting, they can just as easily be included in a variety of school settings, public areas, hospitals, or institutions.

The project was founded in 2014 by Melanie Voytovich in response to these challenges. Although ad hoc commissions were available through community members, she sought to create a structure of regularly scheduled commission projects that united small communities of performers for each work. We also recognize access to personnel is often a barrier and have made a commitment to commissioning works for solo and duo exclusively.

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To lead in creating an inclusive music community by providing access, support, and opportunities to individuals from all backgrounds.


Through lowering financial barriers and increasing representation, the New Works Project promotes equity in commissioning and performing new music.


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