Delivered August 1, 2021

Justin Greene explores queerness, memory, and non-linearity through abstractions of sounds to their independent elements and their resultant amalgamation when sounded or silence in acoustic spaces.

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mini works

Open February 1, 2021

Delivered March 2021

Our newest commission program. Three distinguished composers write miniatures for the same small, flexible solo percussion setup.

2021 Instrumentation

Tambourine, resonant metal,

wood, stone

All commissioners are entered to win one of three Black Swamp Percussion

TC1 tambourines (10" double row, calf head, combination of Chromium & Bronze jingles)

One time fee

$45 / $30 students

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Registration for this project has closed




Registration opens May 1

Delivered January 15, 2022

Marissa focuses primarily on timbre in her music, and her thematic material is often sparse and stretched out over long intervals and spaces.