Head to Toe - Molly Joyce

July 7, 2017

New Work.


Molly Joyce




Head to Toe was inspired by my experience performing in high school marching band,

and thus the idea that one player can perhaps become a whole marching band.



When I was working on the piece, I was specifically reflecting back on the Friday night football games, and found it particularly interesting how during the majority of these events the marching band stands still in the bleachers, barely marching at all.



Therefore, with the video for this piece, I wanted to highlight this contradiction by having the solo performer “march” in the bleachers, becoming a single-person marching band aurally and visually.



 —Molly Joyce

 Head to Toe - Molly Joyce

 Instruments: Glockenspiel, Desk Bells, Ankle Bells

video by Evan Chapman

performance by Mike Truesdell

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