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Phase 1- Cleansing

The first phase lasts two days. Your body becomes attuned to the new way of eating. In this cleansing phase, only light meals are eaten, such as vegetables, fruits, rice or potatoes. The additional colon cleansing, supports the adjustment process. When the stomach and digestive tract are emptied, the body feeds itself from within, from the fat reserves (keto metabolism). Hunger is minimized. It's important to ensure the right hydration by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Phase 2- Detox

The body needs time to detoxify and to adjust your metabolism in order to get back into a healthy balance. Therefore, the second phase should last at least 14 days. We also call this the "conversion phase". Your nutrition plan contains a wonderful selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. The alkaline minerals bind acids and allow them to be removed. A healthy meal plan, with the foods that are beneficial to you, supports detoxification almost entirely by itself. However, it is important that you comply with the Metabolic Balance rules as closely as possible in this "strict" Phase 2. A little bit of discipline is worthwhile, and you will certainly enjoy the benefits you are likely to gain, as increased well-being sets in within days. Depending on your goals, you can stay longer in the DETOX phase,

Phase 3- Achieve Your Goal

Now it will get easier. No one can achieve a goal through constant restriction. Therefore, in Phase 3, you experiment with foods that are not on your list. This way you can learn which foods you can add again, without the old symptoms, such as bloating, heartburn, tiredness or headache. Of course, the "Treat Meals" are considered a highlight in phase 3. On these days, you can relax with the Metabolic Balance rules and simply eat what you feel like.

Phase 4- Live Your Life

You did it. Your metabolism has reset, and your weight regulation is visible in so and many more ways than a number on the scale. You feel good, sleep well and your rejuvenated appearance gives you new self-confidence. Stay focused! Over the last few weeks and months, you have learned which foods are best for you. You can now integrate these insights into your future lifestyle. Continue to consciously choose foods, avoid diets that is not conducive to you or even causes discomfort. This is how life should be and feels easy. And if you still get into trouble with your metabolism: you always have your Metabolic Balance coach to turn to and your nutrition plan to go back to.


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